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Mistakes That Reduce Your Negotiating Power

Remember, you don't get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate: When you begin your home finding process, there is important info that you should not disclose to the on-site agent in a new community or the listing agent on a resale property.

  1. Do not tell your specific possession date.

  2. Do not share how much money you plan to put down on the home.

  3. Do not tell the seller's agent the amount the mortgage lender has approved for you.

  4. Do not offer to pay closing costs or discount points.

  5. Do not disclose your benefits package if being transferred.

  6. Do not show emotions over the features you like.

  7. Do not disclose your newness to the area and lack of knowledge of current market values

  8. Do not disclose what items you want included in offer.

  9. Do not discuss your reaction to a counter offer.