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Moving with cats can be especially difficult. Cats tend to become more attached to their environment rather than to people. When relocating with a cat, it is necessary to prepare in advance. Show your cat plenty of attention and constantly reassure it with familiar items and scents so the move does not come as a shock.

Cats may not be as familiar traveling in cars as dogs are. Several weeks prior to the move, it is recommended that you take your cat on short trips in the car around the neighborhood and then slowly increase the distance.

On moving day, confine your cat in its favorite room along with its favorite bed and toys. This is to make sure that it won't run away. Seeing everything packed and empty may make the cat feel unstable. Pack a travel case for your cat and count on numerous rest stops.

As you settle into your new home, spend some more time with your cat. Sit down with it and provide your cat with a comfortable living space. Keep it in and around the house for as long as it takes them to become acclimated. Limit the cats' explorations to just the new house and then gradually accompany it on tours outside.

Confining the cat may seem a bit cruel, but cats are more likely to run back to the old house, no matter the distance. This process could last up to a month before the cat becomes completely familiar with the new house, the scents, and noises it makes on the new carpet and floors.