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Use only strong, corrugated cartons with covers. You can buy specially made cartons, for everything from mattresses to clothing and mirrors, from the mover. The added protection of mover-provided cartons may avoid damage that results from the use of poor-quality packing materials. Your alternative is to collect boxes discarded by your *grocery or liquor store. Save old newspapers for use in packing, but remember that ink may rub off and stain clothing or other items.
Insect eggs and insects such as roaches can travel in food boxes. Keep this in mind when getting boxes from food stores.

Here's a list of packing supplies that will come in handy:
� Plastic bags and labels for easy identification.
� Foam peanuts, styrofoam pellets or "popcorn."
� Tissue or craft paper for delicate packing jobs.
� Corrugated paper rolls for figurines and fragile items.
� Gummed tape (1 1/2 to 2 inches wide) and/or strong twine for sealing cartons.
� Markers and labels for identifying contents of cartons.
� Notebook and pencil for carton identification log.
� Scissors and/or sharp knife.


Certain boxes lend themselves better to different household items. By following this professional guide, you will save time and money by packing your belongings safely.

Type of Box

Size of Box

Items to Pack in Box

Book Boxes
17" x 12.5" x 12.5"
1.5 Cubic Feet
Books, records, papers canned goods, wine, liquor, tools, spices, heavy cook ware,frozen goods, refrigerated items.
(Medium) Box 18" x 18" x 16"
3.0 Cubic Feet
Pots and pans, linens (towels & sheets), shoes, games, small pictures, lamp shades, toys, silverware, purses, cooking utensils, plants, stereo components, odds & ends.
Large Box 18" x 18" x 24"
4.5 Cubic Feet
Basically anything that won't fit in the above boxes; cookie sheet pans, silver trays, games, pictures, blankets, pillows, lamps and lamp shades.
Extra Large Box 22" x 22" x 22"
6.0 Cubic Feet
Big lamp shades, pillows, bed spreads, quilts, comforters, cushions, baskets and globes.
Dish pack Boxes 18" x 18" x 27.5"
with inserts
5.01 Cubic Feet
Dishes, plates, bowls, saucers (on bottom layer); glasses, fragile figurines and nicknames (on top layer).
Glass Packs Reg., Lrg, & 4-way
5.0 Cubic Feet
Pictures, mirrors, paintings, glass table tops, small pices of marble. These things should be wrapped in paper pads before being boxed.
Wardrobe Boxes 21" x 20" x 47"
10.0 Cubic Feet
Hanging clothes only - wardrobes will be brought by movers on the day of the move for free use on local moves.
Lamp Box 13" x 13" x 40"
4.5 Cubic Feet