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Certain questions about moving come up  more often than others. For your convenience, we have compiled a list of helpful suggestions.

Have a portable file or briefcase for important documents needed during your time in transit such as passports, childrens' school records and moving papers. If your shipment will be in storage for any length of time, you will want to keep pertinent tax information with you as well.

Take a walk through your home and survey your belongings closely. If a particular item is of great concern, make a note of it and point it out to our representative. We're always interested in your concerns. Sometimes, a photograph or video can be an excellent way to document your special belongings. If you have a high-value item, please use a High Value Inventory form.

Original factory cartons are excellent for shipping. If you have them, point them out to our packers. If not, adequate packing materials can be provided or purchased.

Dresser drawers can remain full during the shipment. Any fragile items or items too heavy for the dresser must be removed and packed separately. Any items of high value or containers that might leak should also be removed. This available space can be filled with blankets, pillows, clothing, etc.

Your driver will see that your beds are set up and placed in their proper rooms. It is always beneficial prior to the move to place a clean set of bedding in the dresser that corresponds with the bed for that room. This makes it convenient on move-in day for making up the beds.

Just before packing day, place all items that have been stored in other areas of the house in their "normal" rooms, i.e. kitchen items stored in the garage or hall closet should be placed in the kitchen. This will make organizing easier during unpacking at destination.

Small sacks or ziplock bags are a great place to store fasteners, screws, and wires. Label these bags and place them in a safe designated area such as a cabinet or dresser drawer.

Put miscellaneous tools, toiletries, games, coffee, etc., in a special box to be loaded last and unloaded first upon delivery.

Extremely light-colored fabrics can be very challenging to move without becoming soiled. It's always important that your mover be made aware of these items. Sometimes, extra precautions are necessary to assure their safety. This may require wrapping the piece in special materials for added protection.