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3 in 4 people who relocate are married according to ERC (Employee Relocation Council). For trailing spouses, the decision to move can mean leaving behind a career, family and friends. Companies will often offer bonuses, arranging job interviews  for the spouse and moving the family back and forth to visit the destination. However, even with all the benefits, spouses have a lot to adjust to. The issues of finding a school and a home add to the stress of relocating to a new environment. You also have to make new friends and orient yourself with your new surroundings.

Trailing spouses should consider their long-term goals carefully. Do you want to find a job in the new city or possibly try your hand at being an entrepreneur? The local Chamber of Commerce can be helpful. Perhaps personal needs include getting involved with a non-profit organization or starting a new hobby. AIM has affiliations with several employment placement services. We are able to aid "Trailing Spouses" who are interested in re-entering the job market once the transferee and family have settled in. AIM also has excellent relationships with numerous traditional employment agencies.

For companies who have or who desire to have some type of company 'buyout' of the transferee's (or new recruit's) existing home:
ERC Appraisal Management
Inspection Services Management
Corporate Inventory Management