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AIM can arrange for the ERC appraisals necessary to purchase the transferee's home at a price that is fair for both the transferee and the company. A good home marketing program designed for corporations is intended to generate the best offers in a reasonable period of time. 

Employers realize a significant savings by minimizing the number of properties going into inventory. Marketing ideas need to be be idea-packed and comprehensive. Whereas most good real estate agents are able to provide a listing price based on a comparative market analysis, a marketing plan for an employer should include a B.P.O (Brokers Price Opinion) with guidelines specifically set forth by Employee Relocation Council. AIM provides top-notch ERC appraisal management.
For companies who have or who desire to have some type of company 'buyout' of the transferee's (or new recruit's) existing home:
ERC Appraisal Management
Inspection Services Management
Corporate Inventory Management