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As computer technology continues to grow, so does the need for qualified computer-savvy employees. Computers are used in almost every aspect of our lives today: at work, at home, and even in our cars. From programmers to simple data entry to computer repair, the possibilities are endless.

Careers in the computer field are so wide-ranging and far-reaching, it�s difficult to even say what a �computer career� is. But nearly every aspect of the field shares one trait: the jobs continue to pay well and grow fast.

Opportunities will be best for those who keep up-to-date with the latest technology, so formal computer-related training is recommended. In fact, for many jobs, a certification or advanced degree is required. But with the proper know-how, hundreds of rewarding careers become available to you. a few common computer-related occupations include:

  • Computer Programming
  • Computer Animation
  • Computer Design and Engineering
  • Computer Maintenance
  • Computer Networking
  • Computer Systems Administration
  • Information Management
  • Mainframe Programming and Management
  • Multimedia Design
  • System Analysts
  • Web Design and Development

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