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Traveling with pets is not uncommon. Tens of thousands of people travel internationally with their pets each year. But, traveling with your pet can be confusing. 

International pet travel does require careful planning; however, if you follow some simple steps it doesn't have to be any more complex than domestic travel. The most important thing to remember is that pets need additional documentation in order to enter a country just as humans do. Check with your country of origin. Let them know where you are traveling to, and ask what documentation you will need for re-entry.

Your next step is to contact the consulate(s) of the country you are visiting. You may want to ask the following questions:

  1. Are there any special restrictions for pets being imported? If there are quarantine restrictions, where are the local quarantine confinement areas and do I need to make a reservation?
  2. What documents will I need to import my pet? Most countries require a health certificate signed by the country's health official or a licensed veterinarian within a set number of days before entering the country. This is often in the country's native language. Some countries make their certificates available via the web.
  3. Are there age restrictions?
  4. Are there special vaccinations or tests that my animal needs to have?
  5. How will my pet clear customs?

If you are planning on traveling by air, you should ask another set of important questions.  The International Airline Transportation Association (IATA) governs international air transportation. To ensure a safer trip for your pet, choose one of their member airlines. 

When you contact the airline, ask the following questions:

  1. What are your restrictions for pet travel? How many pets do you accept in cargo and how many, if any, in the cabin. Many international carriers restrict pet travel in the cabin.
  2. What are your container requirements? (We provide an overview in our air transportation section.)
  3. Will the pet have to change planes? We recommend a non-stop flight whenever possible.
  4. If it is a long flight, will the pet be able to relieve himself somewhere?
  5. When and where should I drop my pet off?
  6. What documents will I need to transport my pet? Some airlines have stricter requirements than the countries they fly to.
  7. Where will the animal clear customs?

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AIM can assist you with Pet Travel to any of the countries / regions listed below:

CANADA  -  British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec
EUROPE  -  Austria, England, France, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Scotland, Spain, The Netherlands, Yugoslavia
ASIA  -  Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore
SOUTH AMERICA¬†  -  Mexico, Peru, Venezuela
MIDDLE EAST / AFRICA  -  South Africa, Turkey, United Arab Emirates
OCEANIA  -  Australia, New Zealand