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ll-State Horse Express: Horse Transportation
Asmussen Horse Transportation (Second generation racing family, based in Laredo, TX 956-723-5436)

Equine Express - Horse Transportation (Major hauler based in Texas. Excellent equipment. Crews are experienced horsemen)

Glenbrook Farm Transportation

Bob Hubbard Horse Transportation Inc. (Major hauler based in California, Florida, Kentucky and Washington)

Judge Manning - Horse Transportation Incorporated
Ott Transport - (Coast-to-coast. Late model equipment/slant load trailer. Experienced horseman. Based in Nebraska with frequent trips to Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas. 800-445-0102)  

Perry Transport Limited (Equine & Freight Transportation Specialists Serving Canada and Points Between Canada and the United States.)

Shanahan's Horse Transportation (Midwest and Eastern U.S.)

Did you know that the value of your horse may not be covered even though you are using a licensed hauler?  See the articles at  Best Insurance for more information or to obtain insurance for your horses while they are being transported.

International Racehorse Transport