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Transfers to locations outside the United States require special attention and additional considerations. Allying with companies specializing in international relocations, AIM can also help you with this element of your overall relocation program.

Immigration and Naturalization solutions through a range of Immigration, Naturalization & Citizenship products and services. They focus on Visas, Permanent Residence, Green Card, DV Lottery and US Citizenship.

International Phones
Mobal provides simple solutions to keep you in touch worldwide. They specialize in international mobile phone and satellite phone rentals - they are also available for purchase.
Travelers' Guide
Foreign Languages for Travelers
Designed to help business travelers learn a few essentials of a foreign language. Sound files provide common words and languages translated into the language of your choice.
The Electronic Embassy
Includes links to home pages for US and foreign embassies on the World Wide Web.
Foreign Currency Converter
Having trouble making dollars and sense of foreign currency? This handy online currency converter is a great help.
Kropla's Help for World Travelers
One of the Web's most comprehensive listings of worldwide electrical and telephone information. Wondering how you're going to recharge your VCR in Argentina? Hook up your modem in New Caledonia? Call that number in India? You'll find the answers to these questions and more right here.
Travel Health Issues
Shcoreland's Travel Health Online
Updated daily, this Web site is an excellent source of country-specific travel health information for your expatriates.
CDC Home Travel Information Page
Vaccination requirements and other health precautions from the Centers for Disease Control.
Overseas Jobs.com
Includes an international jobs database, job search resources and more.
U.S. Women Overseas
Federation f American Women's Clubs Overseas
The Federation of American Women's Clubs Overseas (FAWCO) is an international network of 65 independent clubs with a combined membership of over 15,000 women in 34 countries worldwide. It serves as a support network for American women living and working abroad and is particularly active in the fields of U.S. citizens' concerns, education, and environmental protection.
News for U.S. Citizens Overseas
American Citizens Abroad
ACA is a non-profit association dedicated to serving and defending the interests of US citizens world-wide. Its web site includes a biweekly News Update and a sizable list of e-mail contacts in countries worldwide.
Insurance Overseas
Expat Financial
Brokers international health, life and disability insurance to individual expatriates, some local citizens, and their employers around the world. Also provides offshore mutual funds.