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border="0" width="100%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="5"> Kailua, Kaneohe and Waimanalo make up the windward side of the island, the side that the easterly trade winds reach first.®You have to be a hearty person to appreciate the varied weather of this part of Oahu.®The rest of Oahu is normally the typical balmy weather that people associate with Hawaii.®The windward side, however, has mood swings.®The moist trade winds reach the vertical two thousand foot walls of the Koolau Crater and have nowhere to go but up.®When they do they cool and form clouds. The clouds rain in the mountains and provide Oahu with the purest rainwater on the Earth.®This rain is the lifeblood of the islands and on Oahu has been stored for thousands of years in Mother Nature's under ground natural storage cisterns.®Much of this rain falls on the windward side.®This results in the luxurious tropical plant growth found there. This area was isolated from the rest of Oahu during the early 1900's because of the vertical Koolau Range.®It a only serviced by a carriage road over the Pali that was completed in 1898.®The Pali Tunnel was completed 1957 to Kailua and the Wilson Tunnel completed in 1960 are the first efficient roads to finally cross the mountains and open the windward side up to significant population growth.®Even though still referred to as "country" the windward side has just experienced the opening of the new H-3 Freeway.®This is the most expensive stretch of highway ever built by man.®It links Kaneohe and Kailua with the airport, Pearl Harbor and the leeward side.®Since there is very little land left to build on, real estate growth is limited to the current inventory.®The erosion of the mountains on the windward side has created beaches that are always referred to when discussing the ten top beaches in the world.
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