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Truck driving is becoming an increasingly sophisticated career field. Modern truck drivers often drive trucks that are practically mobile apartments, equipped with refrigerators, satellite TV, Internet access, beds and more. With the upsurge in technology and the increasing use of the Internet, the world has become a smaller place. But physically, it�s still as vast as ever. In order to keep our country running, goods still need to be moved from one place to another. Truck drivers have the ability to go places that trains and airplanes can�t. Wherever there are roads, truck drivers will be there.

There are two primary types of truck drivers � those with light or delivery service trucks and those with heavy trucks or tractor-trailers. Light or delivery service truck drivers usually work local routes. They often must be in very good physical condition, as their duties include loading and unloading their trucks. These drivers generally work within a regular, specific area close to home. Heavy truck drivers often spend days or weeks driving their vehicles between destinations. Federal guidelines require that long distance truck drivers take regular breaks and file reports detailing their trips.

Employers often look for graduates of a respected truck driving school when looking for new employees. Schools with at least a four- to six-week course turn out drivers with the skills and training needed to operate heavy trucks safely and professionally. These schools teach students how to operate trucks and about the rules and regulations the government has set for heavy machinery drivers, as well as teaching them what they need to acquire a Commercial Driver�s License.

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