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Jobs in the theological sector range from priests, rabbis and pastors, to deacons, assistant ministers, music leaders, missionaries and administrative staff. Concentration within the various religions � Catholicism, Protestantism, Judaism and Islam, to name but a few � depends on geographic location, congregation size and nature of work.

Most priest, rabbis or pastors lead a congregation in worship services and other ceremonies such as weddings and funerals. They also perform religious ceremonies such baptisms, confirmations, Holy Communion, brises and Bar Mitzvahs.

Although you can enter the theological field without any formal education, most positions require a Bachelor�s degree followed by at least two years of seminary. For rabbi appointments, the training is six years beyond the Bachelor�s degree. Other religions have their own set of specific rules. One of the best ways to learn your options is to speak with your own religious leader regarding educational paths.

Most seminary programs consist of biblical or Torah studies, church history, theology and ethics, and practical theology. Students who successfully complete these programs have a better chance of ordination in their chosen religion and denomination.


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