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Motorcycle and small engine mechanics are needed to perform maintenance on and repair the engines of motorcycles, motorboats, and outdoor power equipment such as lawnmowers, tractors, chainsaws, snowblowers and snowmobiles. Many mechanics specialize in specific types of engines and work in well lit and ventilated repair shops.

As with similar fields, small engine repairers should have good problem solving skills. While general maintenance usually means following a checklist of things to inspect and clean, any repair work involves identifying the problem and the best solution. A skilled mechanic will be able to discover and repair the problem in a relatively short period of time. In large shops, computerized diagnostic testing equipment may be used.

Due to the increasing complexity of motorboat and motorcycle engines, formal training is desired for many small engine mechanics. While many mechanics learn on the job or by working in a related occupation, those with formal training may have an easier time entering the workforce. Knowledge of basic electronics is essential, and the skills learned as a small engine repairer transfer well to similar occupations, such as automotive, diesel or heavy vehicle mechanics.

Job outlook should be favorable, as the demand for small engine mechanics is continuing to increase. More and more Americans are able to buy homes, increasing their need for lawn and garden equipment. Motorboats and motorcycles are also becoming popular recreational vehicles for all age groups.

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