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When you join a branch of the Armed Forces, you are making a serious investment in your future. Countless people just like you have built skills, earned money, and discovered abilities they never knew they had through service to their country.

Aside from giving you a competitive paycheck and substantial benefits, military service hones the skills and attributes that will be an asset to you wherever you go: loyalty, duty, respect, honor, integrity and courage. The military helps you become mentally sharp, physically fit, and ready to rise to any challenge.

Enlisting in the U.S. military is an opportunity to help your community, your state and your country. In times of disaster or civil disturbance, branches of the Armed Forces stand ready. When international conflict arises, you can be there.

The benefits are substantial too. The U.S. military recognizes the value of education and provides tuition assistance and training worth thousands of dollars. For almost every job in the civilian sector there is a military equivalent, so no matter what your interest you can take advantage of specialized training and hands-on learning. You get paid to learn!

If you are a college graduate or a college student with 60 credits, you may even be eligible to become an officer.Your time in the military counts toward military retirement benefits, giving you something extra down the road, too.

Life is full of challenges you can't avoid. The skills and abilities you learn in the Armed Forces can help you meet them, overcome them and succeed.

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