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The healthcare industry not only employs more people than any other industry in our nation, it also is continuing to grow at an incredible pace. As our knowledge about medicine and healthcare increases, workers are becoming more and more specialized, requiring additional training and knowledge. And as the baby boomer population begins to move out of the workforce, there is a high demand to replace those leaving with skilled and trained professionals.

Most careers in the medical and healthcare industry require some sort of professional training, but the actual positions and duties can vary greatly. In some positions, such as a medical assistant, a healthcare worker might work extensively with patients. In others, such as a medical coding specialist, workers are primarily behind the scenes, providing much needed support to nurses, doctors and insurance companies.

And jobs aren�t available in just hospitals and doctors� offices! Depending on their training and qualification, healthcare workers are needed in research positions, insurance offices, clinics and even schools and resorts. If you�re interested in a rewarding profession with a high demand for workers, consider pursuing training and education in the healthcare field!

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