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If you love the water, love swimming, and don�t like the thought of being cooped up inside five or more days a week, a career in diving could be the right choice for you!

Whether working on boat engines, studying the ocean, or going on dives, a career in this area can be challenging and rewarding. Complex technical and scientific problems develop in all waters of the world. Many involve complicated mechanical structures, including ships, bridges, dams or critical pipeline systems. Still others may be simple search and recovery projects. Wherever and whatever they are, the problems generate underwater jobs that are best accomplished by well-trained divers.

There are many different kinds of careers available for skilled divers. Those who love to work with people might consider a career in recreational instruction, working in resorts and other exotic location or teaching people how to dive safely. Those who seek more adventure may want to look into salvage diving and exploring underwater wreckage. And those with an eye for beauty can consider underwater photography. There are also careers available in industries such as pearl diving, fisheries and marine construction.

The first step to becoming a professional is to take a course in diving and become certified. Courses for commercial divers are intense and lengthy, but well worth the effort. They include both theory and hands-on training concerning situations that may develop underwater and how to solve them. Train to become a professional diver, and the world is your oyster.

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