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Design is a wonderful field for someone with a lot of creativity, imagination and a good sense of visual appeal. Interior designers must be able to express their ideas not only aloud, but also through sketches and written descriptions. Interior designers often work independently and under pressure, and they must be able to adapt quickly to change. Good business sense and a high comfort level with sales work can also be an asset, as many interior designers work freelance or choose to start their own business.

Most interior design employers look for someone with a two- or four-year degree and some knowledge about the history and trends of the interior design world. Interior designers in many states must actually be licensed or registered by the state and pass the National Council for Interior Design in order to practice. Even for those states that do not require the exam, membership in a professional organization can increase one�s reputation. To be eligible, a designer must have at least six years of combined experience and education, with at least two years at a design school.

Employment in design fields varies widely � a third of all designers work freelance or run their own business. Because of the nature of their work, designers must often work flexible hours in order to accommodate their clients� schedules and are often under tight deadlines and budgets. Salaried positions are also available for interior designers in specialized design services or in retail furniture stores.

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