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The hotel, hospitality and casino industry is not only the third largest business in the nation, it also employs the second largest number of people. And that number should continue to grow, as increasing population growth leads to an increased demand on the hospitality industry. A shift in vacationing habits for many individuals � from long vacations to more frequent, shorter trips � should also increase the need for more individuals working in the hospitality field.

The hotel and hospitality field is one in which there are many opportunities for advancement, particularly for those who are willing to go the extra mile and acquire outside training in the specialized skills needed in the industry. It�s the perfect choice for someone who loves meeting new and different people and enjoys making the world a relaxing and entertaining place for others. It also has some unique perks, as many jobs have special travel benefits!

Those who have obtained degrees in hospitality programs have gone on to work for salons, spas, resorts, hotels, cruise ships, casinos and restaurants.

If you�re looking for a change, consider taking a good, long look at the hospitality industry.

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