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Being a farrier is more than just a job, it�s a calling. Horseshoeing is much more than a nine-to-five job � as a professional, you will be working closely with horse owners and vets to help keep horses healthy and in peak condition.

Putting on a horseshoe is a lot more than hammering metal on to a horse�s hoof. Each hoof is different, and a farrier needs to learn the best type of shoe, placement on the hoof, and the optimal way to trim each hoof. A farrier must be able to analyze the shape and condition of the hoof, as well as what the horse will be used for, in order to make sure that the best possible work is done.

Becoming a farrier is an ideal career for someone who loves horses and working with them. Most farriers spend a lot of time traveling to farms and stables, scheduling appointments. In some cases, they may work on site at racetracks. The largest stables and horse farms will sometimes have a permanent farrier on staff.

Because the condition of a horse�s hoof is so vital, the best farriers are those that have been trained in formal horseshoeing programs, or apprenticed under a Master Farrier. Those who go through additional training usually receive the best rates, and also can be confident that they�re doing the best possible job.

If you love horses and are looking for a career that you live and work in a world with many others who share your passion, consider a career in horseshoeing.

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