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Are you a military history buff? a hunter? Are you interested in turning your hobby into your profession? Then you might be interested in a gunsmithing career! There may be more opportunities than you think. As guns become increasingly sophisticated, the need increases for highly trained and focused professionals to work on repairing, remodeling and designing them. Because of this, gunsmiths are in high demand, particularly those with technical school training.

Gunsmiths generally work for armories, gun manufacturers, hunting or sports shops, or the military. Not only do gunsmiths repair firearms, they also remodel according to blueprints or customer specifications. In some cases, they actually design modifications or new guns from scratch. a program in gunsmithing can lead to positions in armory management, gun sales or as an armory clerk.

Are you interested in doing something you love for the rest of your life? Consider training to become a gunsmith!

courtesy of Career Explorer

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