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Creating visually stunning images that capture moments, moods and milestones in time is just one aspect of a photographer or film maker�s job. They possess creativity and imagination coupled with an eye for image preservation.

Jobs in photography fall into five main categories: portrait, commercial and industrial, scientific, news, and fine arts photography. Entry-level positions in photojournalism or industrial and scientific photography require a college degree in journalism or photography. Freelance photographers can usually get by with technical proficiency.

More than half of all photographers are freelance, or self-employed. The rest work for various agencies, organizations and portrait studios.

There is much debate about the relevance of attending film school in the motion picture industry. Many workers have formal training to meet the technical requirements of equipment operations and film aesthetics, but practical experience, talent, and professionalism can take you a long way in this competitive industry.

Film jobs are classified according to three phases of filmmaking: preproduction, production and postproduction. Some positions available in filmmaking are producers, directors, assistants, writers, art directors, actors, cinematographers, multimedia artists and animators.

Both filmmaking and photography require dedication and strong artistic ability. With the right skills and talent, these industries can provide handsome rewards.

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