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Our heavy reliance on technology in all facets of life will keep the demand for skilled electricians steady throughout the country in the next eight years. Employment for electricians is expected to grow faster than average for all occupations through 2012. Elaborate climate control, security and communication systems require electricians for installation, connection, testing and maintenance.

More than one-quarter of wage and salary electricians are employed in the construction industry. The majority work as maintenance electricians. Whether it�s in construction or maintenance, electricians must be trained to perform their job.

Training for electricians is typically in the form of apprenticeships lasting three to five years. These programs are available in various vocational training facilities, or through local unions. Upon completion of a program, electricians are required to pass an exam that tests knowledge of electrical theory, National Electrical Code, and local electric and building codes.

Electricians tend to earn hourly wages between $15 and $26.50. They regularly work a standard 40-hour week. Overtime or night and weekend shifts are not uncommon for electricians who work in the maintenance sector.

Energy-related jobs include heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration mechanics and installers, line installers and repairers, electrical and electronics installers and repairers, electronic home entertainment equipment installers and repairers and elevator installers and repairers.

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