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If you enjoy working with children and being a strong, positive influence, consider a career in education or childcare.

Childcare workers nurture and care for children in nursery schools, preschools, private households and some before- and after-school programs. Because they spend so much time with them, childcare workers play an important part in a child�s developmental skills. In some cases, children are specifically enrolled in a program in order to increase socialization or skills. In others, nannies or daycares are used in order to help working parents.

The availability of childcare jobs should continue to grow, as in more and more cases both parents remain in the workforce during a child�s early years. In addition, the importance of pre-primary education will cause additional children to be enrolled in preschool and day care centers.

The training for childcare jobs can vary widely, as each state has its own licensing requirements, ranging from a high school diploma all the way up to a college degree in child development or early-childhood education. In most cases, requirements are minimal. Those who work with children should be effective communicators with a high degree of patience and enthusiasm.

The same holds true for those interested in elementary, middle and high school education. Good educators, both public and private, are always in high demand. The rewards of working with young minds and really making a difference can be invaluable. Becoming a good educator is a lifetime of work, as most positions place a high emphasis on continued education. However, the joy of learning and teaching is often a highly motivating force for the best teachers.

Education varies by state and position, but all states require that teachers be licensed, with a Bachelor�s degree and a prescribed number of subject and education credits. Many states also require that a Master�s degree be obtained within a specified number of years after teaching begins.

For those who enjoy a challenge and want to really feel they make a difference in the world and the future, education and childcare fields can be some of the most rewarding available.

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