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Architects and drafters are required for the creation of any building, or the design and implementation of any engineering project or new product creation.

Architects are licensed professionals who design buildings and complexes. They also draw up plans for remodeling existing structures. Architects need to make sure that a building is not only aesthetically pleasing, but that it�s also a safe, sound and functional structure. Some architects specialize in the design of particular types of structures. Most architects spend much of their time coordinating information from different sources � engineers, zoning committees, and those they contract out to.

Drafters prepare the plans and technical drawings that are needed before an object can be put into production or an engineering project can begin. They fill in the technical details, turning rough sketches and notes into precise and detailed plans, providing the visual guidelines needed. Most modern drafters use computer-aided design and drafting (CADD) programs in order to prepare their drawings. Most drafters specialize in a particular type of drafting, such as civil, electrical, mechanical and architectural drafting. About half of drafters are employed by architectural and engineering firms, with most of the remainder in industries such as manufacturing, construction and government.

Legally, all architects must be licensed and usually have graduated from one of the 113 schools of architecture that have programs accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board. In some states, additional programs may be accepted.

For those interested in drafting, employers prefer those who have completed post-secondary training, either through a career college or a traditional four-year university. Programs of all sorts have their benefits, and students should carefully analyze their own needs before deciding where to attend. It�s also a good idea to talk with employers in the area, and in the specific fields students are interested in, in order to determine the best possible match.

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