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You have the desire to create, to build, to leave a visible mark on the world. A career in construction might be the perfect answer.

Construction workers are vital to the economy. Nothing is built without the hard work and effort of laborers. Construction work requires strength and stamina and the ability to work in confined spaces or outdoors in all sorts of weather conditions. Most construction workers learn their career informally on the job from more experienced workers. Becoming a skilled construction worker through this method often requires years, as different tasks are learned only as the opportunity arises.

Another option for construction training is through a formal apprenticeship program. Local apprenticeship programs operate under the guidelines of the Laborers-Associated General Contractors of America Education and Training Fund and require about four thousand hours of supervised on-the-job training with an additional four hundred hours of classroom training. These programs generally require workers to be at least 18 years of age. And vocational classes in welding, construction or other general building skills can be a significant asset, as can military service or service in the Job Corps.

Job outlook for construction workers should be favorable, particularly for those who are able to relocate to different worksites. Construction workers are always needed, both for new construction and in large-scale repair projects.

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