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A combination of formal training, such as that obtained through a career college, and on-the-job training is suggested for those wishing to become a skilled automotive repairman. Advances in technology have created numerous automotive systems for workers to learn about, and diagnostic equipment can be sophisticated, so technicians need training in order to use it most effectively.

Because of the increasing complexity of automotive systems, many repairmen specialize. Some work primarily on the physical body of the car, repairing damage caused by accidents. Others specialize on the engine of the car, performing both routine maintenance and any necessary repair work.

Body repair work can be challenging and exciting � every accident leaves its own imprint on the car, and no two damaged vehicles are alike. The repairer must develop a solution for each job, whether it includes fixing existing parts or replacing them with new parts or rebuilt parts from other vehicles.

Automotive service technicians use their skills and knowledge to inspect, maintain and repair vehicles. They must have the ability to consider multiple possibilities and be able to determine the most likely cause of any malfunctions. They must have a good working knowledge of how different systems interact with one another. In most modern repair shops, diagnostic equipment helps to run a variety of tests to pinpoint where problems can lie.

Voluntary certification by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence can increase an automotive service technician�s employability. The job outlook for those with good problem-solving skills and the willingness to seek training should be extremely favorable. Those without training will likely face competition for entry-level jobs, according to the U.S. Department of Labor�s Occupational Outlook Handbook.

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