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Do you have an eye for the beautiful and a passion for creating? Treasure the ability to touch someone�s emotions? You may wish to consider a career in art and graphic design.

When people think about art, they often think of traditional artists � painters, sculptors, illustrators and photographers. But in addition to these careers, there are also many others which are not often considered. Those with an eye for detail and exacting patience might consider a career in art restoration. Artistic creativity can be harnessed and used in other arenas, such as advertising or commercial photography.

Designers, too, have many different options open to them. The goal of a designer is to make something both beautiful and functional. Whether you are working with clothing, furniture or industrial design, consumers want products to be aesthetically pleasing as well as useful. And there are hundreds of possibilities out there, from designing the weave and pattern of fabric or the pattern on kitchen tile, to the shape of a computer monitor. Look around you � almost everything you see is the product of some designer�s hard work and creative mind.

Careers in art and design can be widely varied. The most stability comes from those working in some form of industrial or corporate design, or in advertising. Others choose to go into freelance or contract work. But no matter what your field of expertise, if art is your passion, there are options out there.

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