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When most people think of animal care, the first profession that pops into their heads is veterinarian. But in reality, the animal care industry contains much more than just veterinarians. Pet groomers, kennel caretakers, zookeepers and animal trainers are just some of the other options out there. While there are jobs available without training, many jobs, such as that of a veterinary assistant, require graduation from an accredited school and a license in order to practice.

The need for animal care and service workers is expected to grow faster than average through at least 2012, according to the United States Bureau of Labor�s Occupational Outlook Handbook. Not only is the pet population for the United States expected to increase, but the number of people who take advantage of luxury services such as grooming, boarding and training services is expected to rise as well. More and more pet owners consider their pet part of the family and are willing to spend more money on them.

There should also be a steady need for workers in animal shelters, as communities feel increasingly responsible and responsive to the needs of local animals, particularly strays and abused animals.

If you love working with animals, consider exploring some of the options available to you in the animal care industry.

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