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When someone mentions airline and aviation, often the first job that pops into mind is �pilot.� But the airline and aviation industry runs on a whole crew of support staff � flight attendants, baggage claim, dispatcher, A&P mechanics, avionics technicians and many more.

While the airline industry has suffered over the last few years, recent events seem to point to an upswing. Because lives literally depend on the skill and training of airline workers at all levels, it is vital to have well-educated and responsible individuals in all positions.

Aircraft and avionics equipment mechanics and service technicians keep aircraft in peak operating condition by performing maintenance, repairs and regular inspections. They generally work in hangars and other sheltered areas, although they may need to work outdoors in some situations. Mechanics must be certified or supervised by those with certification, and the majority learn their trade through an FAA-certified aviation trade school or in the military.

The direct ground crew is responsible for the loading, unloading and securing of aircraft cargo and baggage. They make sure that the cargo is balanced with the aircraft�s center of gravity and in some instances may handle cargo in flight.

The primary job of flight attendants is to make sure that all safety regulations are followed. In addition, they try to make sure that flights are as enjoyable as possible for passengers. They are the primary liaison between the pilot and passengers, and make sure that the pilot's instructions are followed within the cabin. Competition for positions can be fierce, particularly on more prestigious airlines and routes, due to the high amount of travel involved.

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