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Ads seem to be everywhere: filling magazines, on billboards lining the road, and constantly on television. Advertisers help companies with their marketing efforts, from strategy to concept to execution. Along the way, they play a significant role in shaping our culture.

The advertising field requires many different types of people with many different skills. You might go into the business side of account management or account planning. Or you might be more interested in the creative side, where you'll create ads or work in media planning or production.

To succeed in an advertising career, you need to be creative, organized, motivated, tactful, outgoing, decisive and tough. You'll need to be able to think on your feet, and handle both deadlines and stress well. You'll need to work equally well in a team environment and individually. And you'll need to understand the hows and whys of consumer behavior.

But if you have what it takes, a career in advertising and marketing offers challenges and rewards far beyond most jobs.

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